Macro on a Budget

Who doesn’t love budget-friendly tricks, right?  Well this one is for those photographers out there who are like me… constantly jonesing for new camera equipment, especially lenses.  I mean, there’s so many and they each have all so many possibilities and different things they can do and Oo! I could use this one for newborn sessions and that one for wedding wide shots and this one for detail shots!… oh yeah, but then there’s that whole not being independently wealthy thing.  SO! Allow me to share a little nugget of information that just may save you a couple pennies or at the very least give you something to play with while you hybernate this winter season.

Take that 50mm and flip it!  I’m not a very good teacher, so allow me to provide you the link to the lovely article my friend so generously forwarded to me. Then I’ll show you my personal images utilizing their tip.

Go here & read away!

Now, here are my images.  The first, taken with my 50 mm lens properly placed on my camera body as it is intended.  The second, with my lens taken off, turned around and held up to my lens opening.  You have to really play around with it and get used to physically moving yourself and the camera closer to your subject then what is comfortable.  Making very slight movements of yourself closer and further away from your subject adjusts the focus point.



Go have fun with it.  Fight the urge to get frustrated at first.  It takes some finagling. Me and my helpful two-year-old assistant had to really practice… seashells make good subjects while squirmy wormy goofball kindergarteners don’t. 🙂  I’m anxious to use this technique to get some extreme detail close ups on my next newborn session.  Happy New Year!